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TST ! (T-Shirt Transformation ! ) a performance by Agnes Btffn, - interactive on the web and at Tou Scene, adr.: Kvitsøygt. 25, 4014 Stavanger

INVITATION and instructions !

This is an invitation to participate in a visual dialog and contribute to build up the installation TST !

instructions: select a T-shirt, cut it along the sides and under the arms so that the garnment becomes flat, put it on as shown in the pictures and have a picture taken.

Send the picture, size 450 x 600 pxl (72dpi)

to: 2visual4arts(at)abtffn.com
Give the T-Shirt to somebody in the Tou Café Bar or send it to: Tou Scene/TST !, Kvitsøygt. 25, 4014 Stavanger, Norway

Thank you !

The T-shirt is back ! Thanks to Jorunn who found the missing T-shirt in a ditch close to Tou Scene.

... about transforming T-shirts. The T-shirt is a usual garnment in the whole world, first used by men as underwear in the cold western countries. During the 20 th century, it got it's name in the USA and became a bodysupport to communicate publicity or all kind of messages. The T-shirt has today such a large appeal that it has uniform like qualities; A-Btffn transforms it and gives it new perspectives...