The Touring Association has a hut at Flørli for people to sleep over night after a 6 hours walk from the closest parkinglot. Inside the mountain at Flørli is the new power plant -remote controled. Enginers and maintnance staff come regularly to Flørli but do not need anymore to live on the spot as they did in the old days with there families. That is the reason why the houses have been sold for holiday purposes. Today only one person lives in Flørli the whole year.
Flørli Art i Lysefjord

Lysefjord Utvikling/
The building, built in 1918, still remains. Only one of the 5 turbines is kept. There is a pier which can allow ships to come to. The catamaran comes to Flørli every day and sails back and fourth to Stavanger every second day. One way trip takes one and a half.
meeting with a seal. It takes 3 hours to paddle with a kayakk from from Flørli to Lysebotn, the end of the fjord. arrival to Flørli with the fast catamaran boat